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For those who have not seen this:

World Champion Pachirisu



Can we get a re-roll on the Metru mask designs because man I kinda wish they looked something like their noble counterparts. =/


Tahu brings Jaller a souvenir.

Rereading “Riddle of the Great Beings”


It’s kinda strange, isn’t it, that the Element Lord of Rock, master of the Skrall… is actually the nicest Element Lord encountered by Tarduk and co. on their expedition.

No, seriously. Take a look at their conversation.

Tarduk expected the rock-thing to threaten them, or even attack. Instead, it just nodded. “You have encountered many dangers coming here, have you not? You are missing your homes.” Crotesius and Tarduk said nothing. Kirbold just nodded.

"Then I will not delay your journey," said the Element Lord of Rock, for who else could it be. "But I will warn you. Rock is already unyielding. Give it the power of the Great Beings and no world is safe. That power will be mine and no one else’s. Travel on, learn what you must. Take nothing back with you. And never return." With that, the rock statue of Tarduk crumbled to dust.

After the Fire Lord nearly incinerating them in the crossfire of his battle, the Jungle Lord trying to claim Crotesius for the Forest of Blades, the Water Lord demanding they show him into the Valley or drown, and the Ice Lord nearly freezing them to death — twice — the mercy of the Rock Lord is actually kind of… heartwarming, in a way.

I wonder if it has anything to do with his relationship to the Skrall, we know what they are like, both flavours of them. I can’t imagine it was a happy parting.



Beast friends!


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